Snacks for sharing Light dishes Main Courses Desserts
Snacks for sharing

Chicken, cheese and all that mix 9,00

Crispy smoked bacon, Vilde´s potato chips, garlic and cheese bread, chicken wings, aioli dip, marinated garlic and cucumber

To the wine 15,00

Cheese selection, dried meat, olives, grapes, dried fruits and sun-dried tomatoes
Light dishes

Rich fisherman´s meal7,50

Smoked trout on wheat bread, served with avocado cream, herbs and fresh salad

Smoked tomato soup 5,90

Creamy soup with shrimps and capers

Princes´ pumpkin soup5,90

Slightly spicy soup with pulled duck leg meat and yogurt

Julius´ salad with chicken/trout7,50

Caesar salad a´la Vilde with chicken/trout, crispy bacon and croutons

Mellifluous goat cheese salad7,90

Oven-baked goat cheese with berries, fruits, onion jam, herb oil and vinaigrette
Main Courses

Manor lord´s pasta 8,50

Pappardelle with slowly roasted oxtail and egg

Eduard´s port roast9,90

Slowly roasted pork stomach with butter-fried potatoes, creamy leek, red cabbage and smoked tomatoes

Vestmann´s mignon roast19,90

Aged mignon steak with celeriac puree, seasonal vegetables and onion-meat sauce

Oscar´s roast duck 13,50

Oven-baked duck leg with carrot puree, bacon, green peas and dark meat sauce

Moose meat cutlet14,50

Moose meat cutlet filled with mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes, served with mashed potatoes, onion jam, seasonal vegetables and meat sauce

Convallaria´s fish roast13,50

Trout fillet with fried cauliflower puree, raisin-capers vinaigrette, broccoli and tomato confit

Aunt Maali´s vegetarian food8,50

Spicy bean and tomato stew on a sweet potatoe

Matilde´s apple dessert5,00

Apple dessert with chocolate ganach, praline and Vilde´s handmade ice-cream

Vilde´s handmade ice-creams 5,00

Trilogy of chocolate, raspberry and sea buckthorn

Vilde grandmother´s cliassical house cake 4,50

Raspberry and apple crumble cake, served with vanilla ice-cream

Chocolate mousse 5,00

With Vilde´s handmade ice-cream and sea buckthorn sauce




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