Hot drinks Non alcoholic drinks Beer Cider and mixed alcoholic beverages Special beers Strong drinks House wine Champagne We have also a wine card with over 100 quality wines! Prosecco Dessert and fortified wine
Hot drinks

Caffe Crema1,90



Caffe Latte2,50

Irish cafe 4,90


Ice Cappuccino2,90

Just´s Tea1,90

Just´s Pot of Tea3,20

Glögg with alcohol3,00

Glögg non alc.2,00

Ask for decaf coffee!

Non alcoholic drinks

Coca-cola / Sprite / Fanta 25cl1,80

Coca-cola / Sprite / Fanta 50cl2,50

Classical Lemonade 33cl1,80

Carbonized spring water 50cl1,80

Spring water 50cl1,80

Lurisia Water Bolle/Stille 75 cl4,50

Aura juice 33cl1,80

Fresh juice 25 cl3,20

Milk 25cl1,80

Kefir 25cl1,80

Nestea ice tea (lemon) 50cl2,50

Red Bull 33cl3,20

Schweppes tonic 25cl1,80

A.Le Coq classic kvass 50cl2,50


A.Le Coq Premium 50cl3,00

A.Le Coq Special 50cl3,00

A.Le Coq Imperial Ale/Gold/Märzen 40cl3,00

Alexander/Alexander Weizen 50cl3,00

Tõmmu Hiid 50cl3,00

A. Le Coq Porter 50cl3,00

Saku Originaal 50cl3,00

Saku Tume 50cl3,00

Saku Dublin 50cl3,00

Saku Manchester 50cl3,00

Saku Kuld 33cl3,00

Warsteiner non alc. 33cl3,00

Warsteiner Premium (4,8%) 33cl3,00

Ginger Joe 4,0% 33cl3,00

König Ludwig Dunkel 5,1% 50cl3,00

Guinness 4,2% 44cl4,00

Cider and mixed alcoholic beverages

Fizz pear 50cl3,00

Dry apple cider 3,00

Ecusson Normandie Brut 75cl8,50

Ecusson Normandie Doux 75cl8,50

Gin Long Drink 50cl2,90

Bel Normande Apple non alc. 75cl8,00

Special beers

Pühaste Hõbevalge Old Ale 8% 33cl3,50

Pühaste Lumepimedus Nisu IPA 6,5% 33cl3,50

Õllenaut Eesti Rukki Eil 5,3% 33 cl4,00

Õllenaut Kuldne Eil 5,6% 33 cl4,00

Õllenaut Suitsu Porter 5,4% 33 cl4,00

Mõtsalise IPA 5,2% 33cl4,50

Delirium Tremens 8,5% 33 cl4,50

Delirium Nocturnum 8,5% 33cl4,50

Westmalle Trappist Tripel 9,5% 33cl4,50

Westmalle Trappist Dubbel 7,0% 33cl4,50

Karmeliet Tripel 8,4% 33cl4,50

St. Bernardus Abt 12 10% 33cl4,50

Brewdog Punk IPA 5,6% 33cl4,00

Brewdog 5AM 5,0% 33cl4,00

Brewdog Hardcore IPA 9,2% 33cl4,50

Boon Oude Kriek Lambic 6,5% 37,5 cl7,50

Boon Oude Geuze Lambic 7,0% 37,5cl5,50

LaChouffe 8,0% 75cl8,50

McChouffe 8,0% 75 cl8,50

Deus 11,5% 75 cl25,00

Flensburger Weizen 5,1% 33 cl3,90

Flensburger Dunkel 4,8% 33cl3,90


Strong drinks


Viru Valge 4cl2,60

Viru Valge 50cl pdl25,00

Viru Valge flavoured2,60

Hõbe Vodka2,80

Nemiroff Honey Pepper3,00


Absolut Elyx3,20

Russian Standart3,00

Russian Standart Platinum3,20

Anies vodka

Pernod 4cl3,60

Pernod Absinthe 68%4,60


Havana Club Anejo 7YO Dark 4cl3,60

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum3,60

Bacardi Carta Blanca3,60

Bacardi Carta Oro3,60

Bacardi Razz/Apple3,60

Bacardi Anejo Reserva3,80

Stroh 803,60


Olmeca Blanco 4cl3,60

Olmeca Reposado3,40


Beefeater Dry Gin 4cl3,60

Crafter´s London Dry Gin3,80

Bombay Sapphire Dry Gin3,80


Ballantine´s Finest 4cl3,60

Chivas Regal 12YO4,20

Jameson Irish Whiskey3,60

Jameson Gold Reserve3,80

Four Roses Bourbon3,60

Jack Daniels 3,60

Lagavulin 16YO5,50

Oban 14YO5,50

Talisker 10YO single malt5,50

Cardhu 12YO5,50

Dalwhinnie 15YO5,50

Glenkinchie 12YO5,50


Martell VSOP 4cl6,00

Martell Cordon Bleu12,00

Remy Martin VS Crand Cru4,50

Remy Martin VSOP6,00

Remy Martin XO12,00

Frapin Domain V.S.O.P6,00

Frapin Fontipinot X.O12,00


St. Remy Napoleon VSOP 4cl3,60

Torres 10 Imperial Brandy3,40

Calvados Boulard VSOP3,80

Spirit beverages

Metaxa 5* 4cl3,60

Metaxa 7*3,60

Grappa Cesari4,00


Baileys Irish Cream 4cl3,60


Wenneker liquers3,60



Licor 433,60



Amaretto di Saronno3,60

Cachaca 513,60

Vana Tallinn/Vana Tallinn Cream2,60

Vana Tallinn Signature4,60






Fernet Branca 3,60


House wine

White house wine

Carmen Chardonnay 2013, Chile

Rose house wine

Echo Falls Zinfandel 2013, USA

Red house wine

Carmen Merlot 2014, Chile


Glas 12 cl3,20

Jug 25cl6,50

Jug 50cl12,50

Bottle 75 cl17,50


Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling 2013 USA


Glas 12cl3,50

Jug 25cl7,00

Jug 50cl14,00

Bottle 75cl21,00


Reserva nr. 1 2006 DO Ribera del Duero, Spain


Glas 12 cl5,00

Bottle 75cl30,00


Cafe de Paris brut 75cl15,50

Cafe de Paris demi sec 75cl15,50

Freixenet Carta Nevada Semi Seco 20cl6,90

Freixenet Carta Nevada Semi Seco 75cl19,00

Freixenet Gordon Negro Brut 75 cl19,00

Freixenet Rosado 19,00

Martini Asti 75cl23,00

Mumm Cordon Rouge Brut Champagne 75cl75,00

Mumm Le Demi-Sec Champagne 75cl75,00

Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Champagne 75cl200,00

Dom Perignon Champagne 75cl200,00

We have also a wine card with over 100 quality wines! Prosecco

Maschio Extra Dry Prosecco DOC Italy16,50

Dessert and fortified wine

Harveys Bristol Cream 8cl4,80

Fino Inocente 8cl4,80

Amontillado Contrabandista 8cl4,80

Calem Fine Ruby Port 8cl4,80

Calem LBV 2004 Port 8cl4,80

Martini Bianco 8cl3,40

Martini Rosso3,40

Martiny Extra Dry3,40

Martini Rose3,40




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