Eduard Vilde (1865-1933) is widely regarded as the grand old man of Estonian prose. Located at a site that has previously housed the Mattiesen printing house and the well-renowned Wilde Irish pub, the recently opened Eduard Vilde salon, restaurant and café is a place of leisure exuding literary charm for all those seeking to recapture something of the atmosphere and timeless narratives depicted in the works of the great Estonian dramatist. This is especially true since the ageless themes that preoccupied society back in those days remain as much a topic of interest among contemporaries as they were back then.

One needs only to think of some of the inimitable characters begotten by Vilde’s imagination. Characters such as the legendary engineer Ludvig Sander or esteemed poet Tiit Piibeleht - creatures who are brought to life not only on the pages of Vilde’s brilliant comedy “Pisuhand”, but also in our own lives as somewhat exaggerated caricatures of our friends, colleagues, enemies and public personae exposed and overexposed on glossy magazines and society pages of all ages. These are characters who in their amazing, albeit literary lives, keep reminding us about one of life’s perennial questions – does the lure of worldly glory truly deserve the price of countless deceptions and innumerable dishonesties, or is it more noble to follow one’s conscience and live a more modest yet truer existence?

It is just one of life’s conundrums that makes for good conversation among good friends gathered together in Eduard Vilde’s restaurant and café - a place that offers not only food for thought but a friendly atmosphere, flavoursome cuisine, enjoyable entertainment and welcoming service.
Eduard Vilde inn & café – a friendly place for friends to meet

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